Web/tech stuff

This is the part of the site where Aengus and I will be giving you updates on the more operational, day to day type stuff that goes into making this project work. First things first, I wanted to write about the blog and the themes and plugins we’re using right now to make it all work.


The blog itself, of course, is running on WordPress, and we’re hosting on Dreamhost. I hate php as much as the next guy, but WP has such a large developers community and such an excellent ecosystem of themes and plugins, it seemed like the best way to go.


The theme we’re using is the fantastic Oxygen. I really wanted to find a theme that was nice and minimalist, but offered carousels, multiple configurable nav bars, and display options for multiple types of posts. Oxygen is doing all of that and more. It makes me happy.


I’m not going to list every plugin we’re using, but a few of the more important ones are:

MediaElement.js – This is what’s giving us the nice HTML5 audio players, as well as flash fallbacks fro old browsers.
TwitterWidgetPro – Simply the best widget I found for including tweets and web intents.

So, that’s what’s running the site currently. As the project and site evolve, we’ll talk┬ámore about some of the technical choices we’re making. In the meantime, thanks for checking us out, and I hope you stick around.