The Apocalypse, The Conversation, and Boing Boing

The morning of the 21st, as an army of disheveled hucksters and apoco-pimps walked home in shame, I saw Twitter light up with an article by Tarcher/Penguin editor-in-chief Mitch Horowitz. The article, “Once More Awaiting ‘The End'” is good and, if you’ve enjoyed this series, I think it will be up your alley. To grossly oversimplify, Horowitz argues that our apocalypse fantasies stem from anxiety, boredom, and a sense of being trapped. In other words they reflect an internal (and presumably eternal) aspect of human nature. In many ways I agree with him but, at the same time, I wouldn’t be producing The Conversation if I was sanguine about developments in the external world. A few days ago I wrote a response and, yesterday, the Boing Boing folks were nice enough to publish it.

So fellow conversators, what do you think?