More Interviews, New Episodes

If you don’t follow Twitter or my Facebook page, you may have been wondering where The Conversation has been for the past month. The short answer is San Francisco, where I recorded ten new conversations and began the slow work of exploring nonprofit incorporation, partnerships, fiscal sponsorship, and grant funding. Between recording new material and financial mucking around, I set editing aside for the duration of the trip—there’s only so much of The Conversation I can squeeze into a day without melting.

Now I am back home and hunkering down in front of the laptop to edit the next episode, hopefully in time for a weekend posting. Want to know what my editorial cue looks like? It’s exciting and daunting:

The new wave of interviews begins with Joan Blades. I will probably run all of these but, as usual, I’ll have to start editing before I can figure out which interviews have a good narrative arc and which ones I flubbed.

Anyhow, sorry to keep you all waiting. Let’s get back to this.