Help fund our website overhaul!

If you’ve been listening to The Conversation for a while, you probably remember Micah and I talking about doing a bit of data visualization with the interviews. In theory, we were going to represent how all of the ideas in the series connected, giving all of us an interesting window on the larger trends emerging from the project. To really set high expectations, we talked about making the project navigable through this data visualization so you could chart your own course through the episodes based on your personal interest.

It’s half a year later, but the dream isn’t dead.

I’ve found a web designer who will overhaul the site and implement the master plan but, sadly, web design isn’t free. So I’m launching a very small fundraising campaign to drum up about $1,000 for the overhaul. If you’ve enjoyed the project and would like to see how we mix the current site with something like this, please consider throwing in a few dollars. As far as I know, nobody has ever created a web/audio/data-viz project like this before, so it should be pretty cool.

If we’re lucky enough to make the goal, any overflow will go into financing the remainder of the project. I will be on the road until mid-December and posting new interviews until the one-year anniversary in April. To keep things interesting, I may go on a field trip back to California and record a few interviewees I have learned about since my first pass through the Golden State. Also, I am developing plans for a cool final episode, so there’s a lot of life in The Conversation yet.


Oh yeah, and the new donation widget is at the bottom of the page but, because I’m feeling subtle, you can also: