Episode 31: Claire Evans

Episode 31: Claire Evans

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Claire Evans is half of YACHT, a “band, business, and belief system” started by Jona Bechtolt in 2002. In addition to her musical/artistic adventures, she’s also a writer and regular science blogger. Unlike most bands, YACHT has a developed a detailed and public philosophy (read their FAQ or visit the YACHT Trust for more details) and they regularly explore ideas about the future in their work. I was especially intrigued by the themes of utopia and dystopia which tie together their album Shangri-La.

My conversation with Claire is a little different from most earlier episodes of The Conversation—it is more exploratory, less prescriptive, and has the rhythm of an actual conversation rather than an interview. It’s a nice change of pace.

Artwork by Eleanor Davis.

The closing music is excerpted from “Paradise Engineering” by YACHT.