A battle plan for the eastern front

I went on an interviewing rampage from Pittsburgh to New York last week, taping five conversations in almost as many days. This leaves me with eight conversations to edit, even after I axed one from Chicago and two from Detroit:

The solution? I’m going to stop recording this month, try to catch up on some editing, and start working on actually publicizing the project.

In early October, I’m going to drop by the Third Coast International Audio Festival to reconnect with goings-on in the broader radio world and, after that, I’ll be back in the Northeast with recorder in-hand. At the moment, I have conversations planned with Douglas Rushkoff and David Keith. If everything works out, Ethan Zuckerman should be on that list, too. Noam Chomsky is going to join The Conversation in early November, just before I migrate south towards Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Slowly, slowly clockwise.

Also, as you’ve probably noticed (or not), I’ve taken the Short Conversations off the site. That will have to be another project for another time.

Totally unrelated to all of this: when I’m working on less draining projects, I usually dedicate a fair amount of time to wandering around with my camera. I’ve been doing very little of that this trip, but I finally bought a cheap camera that is smaller than the artillery piece I usually drag around. The results aren’t amazing but, if you’re interested or extremely bored, I am starting to chronicle The Conversation through photos.

Okay, enough odds and ends for now–I need to face down the 7.5 hour conversation I taped with Frances Whitehead. I encourage you to take bets on whether I survive this edit.

As always, thanks for listening.